Oh, thank heaven, it’s blog number eleven!

Yea, I ripped it off a 7-11 commercial, so what…

The talk of the talk (or at least Facebook) for the past couple of days has been the Avengers movie. Super hero movies have been a big hit the past couple of years and the latest one seems to be living up to the hype to most who have gone to see it. Give this class is one in animation, I thought I’d take a few minutes and give into the realm of the super hero! Since the beginning of comic strips and animated shorts, super heros have been an important part of that. Everybody seems to have their personal favorite. To some it’s Batman, to my mom it’s Superman. But as great as both of those are, since I was a youngster, there was only one super hero for me… For the unvailing of my decades old super hero of choice… May I present to you all… *drum roll*



4 thoughts on “Oh, thank heaven, it’s blog number eleven!

  1. Disappointing to see that most superhero animations have died a death over the last 5 years or so. And surprised that nobody has tried to resurrect the genre. Can still remember shows like the Justice League and X-Men Evolution, that took superhero animation to another level. Not only did they introduce new characters that the comics didn’t have, they even twisted the plots to make the stories longer and more interesting.

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  3. I think its only a matter of time before it all comes full circle.. seems like everything dooes sooner or later. It all seems to come back around eventually. In fact, The Incredible Hulk is schedules to return to Television within the next year, so… my fingers are crossed!!

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